New bandfilters ready

Remember that I was rebuilding the bandfilters of my home-brew multiband transceiver? They’re ready now and the results are better than I expected.

I seriously doubted the performance of SMD components in the bandfilters. And I was right. On the low bands (<30m), the output power increased with 50%.  From 20m and up, the power remained the same or decreased somewhat, due to overdriving the first stage in the power amplifier. I still have to resolve that. All this by just replacing SMD components by discrete components. I didn’t change the lowest bandfilters (0-250kHz, 250-500kHz and 500kHz-1MHz) because I’m not allowed to transmit there anyway (OK, 136kHz and 475kHz are amateur bands, but the transceiver is not build for those frequencies) and reception of BBC on 198kHz and Radio Caroline on 648kHz is good enough for me. 3dB improvement of the reception is not noticeable anyway. I’m happy with the results of my rebuild bandfilter board.