Working Holiday style

Now summer is starting, it’s time to pick up QRP working in the field. I have a favorite picknick bench which I use for my activities.



Usually I bring my Elecraft K1 4-band transceiver, equipped with 40m, 30m, 20m and 17m. That gives me at least 2 contest-less bands. As antenna I use my Portable Loop Tuner as described in the October 2015 issue of the RAZzies magazine. I have 3 pieces of RG213 coax I can use for the loop: 1.6m, 3m and 5m in length. The 1.6m wire gives me 20-10m, the 3m wire covers 30-15m and the 5m wire supports 40-20m. I haven’t had one day that I was not able to make a QSO: the antenna works really great. So maybe we meet during summer, usually around QRP frequencies (7.030, 10.106, 14.060 or somewhere on 17m).

Portable Loop Tuner using the 3m wire