Development of standard PCB

Main PCBSince a couple of months, we’re developing new gadgets based on a ESP32 processor and a 2.8 touch color display based on the ILI9341 chipset. Currently, the printed circuit board are being developed.



The idea is to use a standard PCB with the processor and display, and add extension boards if additional functionality is necesary. The PCB is quite simple:

Main PCB

The double row of display headers is necessary because there are 2 sizes of display, 0.1″ different in size. The board will accomodate both. The header on top of the board is the extension connector that connects to additional boards. The main board itself will run the weather station as well as the energy dashboard. There are extension boards for an APRS/mobile 2m transceiver and a lightning detector. More info will be published as soon as the development has finished.


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