New lightning detector

OnweerRemember the Lightning detector project we did a couple of years ago? Many of them are currently offline. But we’re working on version 4!


The old detectors used an Arduino Nano with a separate Wi-Fi module. But in that version, we connected the Wi-Fi module to 5V, and although some specifications suggested that that should be possible, many of them died. Later, we developed a version with an ESP32 processor but that one never became very popular. But now, with our modular setup, version 4 is being developed!

Version 4 is based on our standard PCB, with a lightning detector plugin board.


The lower board is the TFT touch screen, which is plugged into the new standard PCB. The lightning detector expansion board is plugged into the standard PCB. The expansion board can accommodate both the old 8-pin detector board (as shown in the picture), but also the new 11-pin boards which are currently available at AliExpress. Because of the far better display, the graphics are fancier than on the old Oled screens:


There are several statistic screens available in the new fimware. Also, the detector can be powered through a USB-C connector or a 2.1mm DC connector for i.e. a plug-in powersupply. It looks like the software is ready for release, so expect publication in the RAZzies soon!